Oil Heat From Delivery To Service

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What Bioheat Fuel Is

Bioheat heating oil is a blend of traditional heating oil and Biodiesel.  Biodiesel is a renewable resource made domestically from soy, sunflowers, vegetable oils, and other natural sources.

Clean, renewable, reliable

What's new about oil heat?


We have 50 years of experience delivering heating oil to the homes of central Connecticut.


Even with very low blends of Biodiesel, Bioheat has been proven to be cleaner than natural gas.*

Bioheat is the only energy source that is:

benefitsof biofuel heat

Today Gottier Fuel delivers Bioheat locally.  

This means local Bioheat deliveries plus the reliability of Gottier Fuel’s heating services 24/7.


*The Bioheat blends common in CT today (2% and higher) have lower greenhouse gas emissions than natural gas¹.  Studies show that ultra-low sulfur heating oil and biodiesel blends yield these stunning results: CO2 equivalent emissions (greenhouse gases) are lower than those from natural gas in a 20 year lifecycle analysis!

¹All recent studies by Brookhaven National Laboratory and others summarized in “Report to Congress, State Governments and Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency,” National Oilheat Research Alliance, May 2015, Environmental Conclusions.

  • Reliable as your local heating oil dealer

  • Cleaner than natural gas

  • Renewable as sunflowers and soybeans

  • Perfect for the heating system you already have – no additional investment required!